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Geweih, Schnitzen, Mantle, Uhr, Wildlife, Wolf


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    Von Dmitry Gorodetsky hochgeladen im Album Schnitzerei am 15.08.2017

    This is a mantle clock made from a deer antler onto which a scene of wolves' hunting deer is carved.
    The sense of movement and dynamism is enhanced with the sculpture of a chasing and attacking wolf carved from wood.
    The antler-clock is fixed onto a stand carved from wood.

TitelTrying a Hunting Luck
Material, Technikdeer antler, wood, carving
Format 35 cm x 45 cm x 18 cm
Jahr, OrtRussia, 2017
Preis 750 EUR Anfrage stellen
Info218 3 6 von 6 - 2 Stimmen