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Freude, Abstrakt, Modern, Design, Etno folk, Verzierung

AbstractModernetno folkDesign

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    Von Radovanovic Predrag hochgeladen am 13.12.2017

    Inspired by the rich folklore and ethnographic heritage of their tradition. I created a new ornament. Modern and authentic in our own way. Each part of the triptych is sold separately. Dimensions of the triptych are 30x90cm. And who wants to can buy the whole composition. In this way you will be a significant discount. If you have a question send it to me in the inbox.

TitelEtno folk ornament IV 3
Material, Technikoil on canvas
Format 30 cm x 30 cm x 2 cm
Jahr, Ort2016 Belgrade
Preis 100 EUR Anfrage stellen
Info160 3 von 6 - 1 Stimme