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Vogelbeeren, Samowar, Früchte, Tee, Zitrone, Tisch


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    Von Svetlana Shumska hochgeladen im Album The other works am 08.04.2018

    Original oil painting on canvas. Dimensions of the canvas: 50x60 cm. The artwork has been varnished, framed and strung at the back, so ready to be hung onto the wall. It has been signed by the artist in a corner of the painting and on the back and comes with a certificate of authenticity. More info on https://www.igorstatus.com/

TitelStill life with samovar
Material, TechnikÖl auf Leinwand
Format 60 cm x 50 cm
Jahr, Ort2018/The Netherlands
Preis 135 EUR Anfrage stellen
Info188 4 1 6 von 6 - 1 Stimme