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    hallo bart, I know that feeling very well, but it doesn't happen to me every day, yo're a lucky man
    this painting ist again saturated with mystery of the night giving way to the dawn

  • Bart van Oijen
    Bart van Oijen
    Hi Lenz,

    First of all: you are an extremely good painter.
    Your question is a difficult one. During the first period of creating a painting I know very well which colors I want to use, but after being busy for a while the colors start to live their own lives, and they force me to use my intuition. I have no real answer; I am just glad these things happen to me -everyday again. And I enjoy it.

    Kind regards,

  • Gast, 1
    Hi oijen012,
    i like your paintings very much especially the colors you use. LEt me ask you a little question: Do you think you controll the colors, or do they control you ?

    Yours sincerely

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