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Mann, Stein, Aggression, Junger mann, Gewalt, Studentenrevolte

MannSteinAggressionJunger Mann

  • Von Claudia_Erbelding hochgeladen am 29.05.2018

    A young man is going to throw a stone, This is an example of violence, a member of the revolting team in Paris, The action is embedded in a geometrical surrounding. There is a similar painting with a symmetrical background. A revolting youth in Ukraine. The background of the paintings is, that these are examples of violence we find in the news. But we should be aware that violence is so much less common than in the last centuries.

TitelViolence, Paris
Material, TechnikÖl auf Leinwand
Format 80 cm x 50 cm
Jahr, Ort2014, Denklingen
Preis 500 EUR Anfrage stellen
Info122 2 4.3 von 6 - 3 Stimmen