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Gozo, Mgarr, Malta, Malerei


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    Von Clemens Hasengschwandtner hochgeladen im Album Meine Arbeiten am 25.10.2018

    That was a long brief - just to understand how my paintings are born - 1) my husband looking at sailing boat 2) skinny brunette daughter sunbathing 3) daughter with long dirty blonde hair playing with toddler boy and 4-year old girl, on beach 5) also playing with kids is another 22 year old woman with light brown hair 6) my 21 year old son w/brown hair with a football 7) our older son w/his blonde fiancée having dinner in a restaurant 8. I have the radio and can you squeeze in a tennis racquet near me too? That’s it!!
    Greetings from sunny Malta

TitelBernadette's Family
Material, TechnikACRYLIC Holz
Format 120 cm x 90 cm
Jahr, OrtMalta 2018
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