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  • Von teodoru hochgeladen am 29.06.2006

    Wanted to express the sadness that is part of the life of those who are seen as "different" and not accepted by the others.

Titel The Painted horse
Material, Technik Digital
Format A3
Jahr, Ort 2005 Wien
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Info 2769 23 19 8 5.6 von 6 - 23 Stimmen
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  • seline_sophie
  • Gast , 21
    teoduro, dieses Bild macht mir Gänsehaut.
    its absolutely touching!

    mbg, Alia
  • Gast , 20
  • seline_sophie
    Immer noch cool!
  • gernot glasl
    gernot glasl
    sehr lässig!
  • lena
    oh my! this picture is touching me, I can`t exactly tell you why, but it definetely is. I love pictures, that want to express something and are not only made, because it´s nice to look at them, but furthermore, because there`s an opinion and a meaning, why this picture is made, what it wants to tell us and what problems and topics it wants to cover. and you definetely made that possible, to express the cruel reality that people who are different are often still not accepted EVEN THOUGH I think that being different is actually a good thing. I mean, what would the world look like if everyone was the same? If everyone, looked, spoke, talked, behaved, worked, laughed, experienced the same way? I think that would be quite boring, because everyone`s special an an own way and also different, but that`s not necessarily a bad thing. it just depends on how you look at things.
    sorry, that I´ve written so much...;)
  • Gast , 16
    thats a very nice work
  • Gast , 14
    has to be pushed
  • Gast , 15
    Die Umsetzung ist nicht schlecht, aber die Idee kommt mir bekannt vor. ;o)
  • Gast , 14
  • JustLikeYouImagined
    cooles Ding!
  • Gast , 12
    Outstanding interpretation and expression!
  • Gast , 11
  • towe2005
  • Gast , 9
  • Gianni Abner
    Gianni Abner
    Excellent work - excellent idea !!! Outstanding.
  • Gast , 7
    fuckin good stuff!
  • Gast , 6
  • Gast , 5
  • bastian schreck
    bastian schreck
    great stuff!!! had a look at your website... WOW!!! i really admire that kind of work! i´ll surely check it out again, when i have a little more time... it´s absolutely worth it!
    best wishes ;)
  • Gast , 3
    You did express the sadness.....
  • gabriele hitrik
    gabriele hitrik
    gefällt mir sehr gut, äh, i like it very much!
    i like horses and also those with the very long legs.
    lg g.
  • Gast , 1
    ich find`s geil das stelzenpony ... beide daumen hoch, weil gut!

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