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Bewegung, Kind, Spiel, Malerei


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    Von Daniel Wimmer hochgeladen am 06.07.2020

    I constantly get inspired by the human body. I specially love interesting light situations and skin colours.
    The sculptural aspect is very obvious in my paintings.
    I hardly paint any details so that i can focus on light and colour.
    I´m always playing with contrasts.
    Warm and cold, light and dark, different structures and soft and hard edges. Sometimes they become more important than the subject itself.
    That´s when the painting get´s an almost abstract touch. On the contrary i like to create an believable moment where the atmosphere almost could be felt. Therefore the viewer has the possibility to get lost in the scene.
    Memories and associations are getting activated.

Titelrunning free
Material, TechnikÖl auf Leinwand
Format 90 cm x 150 cm x 2 cm
Jahr, Ort2020
Preis 3000 EUR Anfrage stellen
Info129 12 4.1 von 6 - 7 Stimmen

Bisher: 504.003 Kunstwerke,  1.948.372 Kommentare,  273.104.104 Bilder-Aufrufe
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