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    Von Evelyn Fleuster hochgeladen am 27.06.2021

    the night I moved out... (my story of how I once lived in an elephant´s trunk: )

    this is what happened the other day, when I was soo incredibly angry with my mom (for some reason I can´t remember any more...) that I wanted to move out immediately. that night I dreamed I was living in an elephant´s trunk. which was really great, because I was just as high as the fire-flies (it was a big huge elephant, I had chosen for my new home) and could see nearly the whole world from up there... even my mom´s and my dad´s house, which was looking amazing from above! and it was really cozy inside the trunk... but after a while, I started to miss my mom and my dad and my favorite climbing tree so terribly, that I asked the elephant, if she would bring me back home. which she apparently did, because next morning I woke up in my little room at home with the smell of cinnamon in my nose - which told me, that my mom was preparing my favorite breakfast, waiting for me to be back...

Titel the night I moved out... (or how I once lived in a trunk: )
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