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    Joachim Wilhelm Jahn, n'Orbitter', Acryl/Öl auf Leinwand, 1996, 180 cm x 135 cm nJ.W.J., Born 30.10.1973 in Berlin, promising Berlin artist, specializing in painting, sculpture, drawing and mechanical as well as caustic installations. Raised in a Berlin merchant family, he was first encouraged to take up art by his artistically talented mother, a direction that was cemented by prolonged trips overseas with his father and his musically gifted acquaintances from around the world. In a way, Joachim W. Jahn is at home everywhere. Already in school his work was often displayed and prized. Later his provocative sculptures, inspired by totemism, became the objects of heated debate both at home and abroad. n Jahn’s art reveals the tension resulting from rational doubt, which stems from the untenability of the modern world and the recognizable impracticability of conservative views. This doubt is the origin of his clear artistic expression – at times extremely concrete, at times mysteriously abstract – executed with strong colors and occasionally a particular savagery in form and strokes, sometimes though with disciplined geometric compositions. The artists published opinions and essays about art, artists, tackiness and art dealing are recommended reading for both collectors and art enthusiasts and can be found at the artist’s website, 🔗 n Joachim Wilhelm Jahn, a name to remember, an artist that we can all expect great thing from. nNathan Isenheimer, N.Y.

TitelThe Orbitter
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  • El-Meky
    Ich kann mit dem Titel nix anfangen, weil evtl zu ungebildet... aber meine Augen und mein Herz können gut in deinem Werk versinken und eine gewisse Spannung erleben. gefällt mir dein Abstraktes! lg