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    Von Nicole Haibach hochgeladen

    This is a photography and montage I worked on for the recent Hill of Tara VigilCamp-CD.

    The original can be seen at 🔗

    The Hill of Tara is one of the most endangered World Heritage Sites in Ireland. This ancient place is older than the pyramids in Egypt and bears what is probably the world's oldest astronomical observatory.
    It's the seat of Ireland's first High Kings; many burials lie there, some freshly discovered due to construction work for a road, the M3,which is only the beginning of a road net that will spoil the beautiful nature of the landscape and ruin a ritual place for nowadays druids, not to speak of the damage done to archaeology there...
    I'm an active supporter of the protests against the road, so the uploads to follow will have to do with this topic.

    Currently I have discovered a passion for photography, working with a very bad digi-cam 's results: they always need a photoshop treatment in the end - so why not use it to the fullest effect ;o)

    Usually I work with acrylic colours and paint on wood preferably, or canvas.
    I've also found my own approach to the topic of poker work, rarely understood within arts - but you may judge yourself from the pictures I'll be providing in the future...


TitelOver Their Heads - Hill of Tara 2007
Material, TechnikPhotographie, Bearbeitung in Photoshop
Jahr, Ort2007, in Deus Ex Machina
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  • Udo Schnaars
    Udo Schnaars
    there's no respect to culture...i hope we and a lot of people will see more of your pictures......