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natalia e. woytasik

  • Theater, Pulcinella, Abstrakt, Portrait
  • Pulcinella, Theater, Abstrakt, Portrait
  • Pulcinella, Theater, Abstrakt, Portrait
  • Abstrakt, Frau, Malerei
  • Frau, Abstrakt, Malerei, Menschen
  • Buffolo, Italien, Tiere, Ölmalerei
  • Tiere, Italien, Braun, Abstrakt
  • Italien, Tiere, Abstrakt, Malerei

aus sapri, campania, Italien

Über mich

born in Heidelberg/Germany 1967 then 1986 first painting works in Heidelberg/Germany and 1987 first drawing studies in Berlin/Germany at the studio of the artist Hermann Theisen, also 1991/95 Study Art at the Freie Kunstakademie Rhein-Neckar Mannheim Germany by Rainer Nigrelli, Gerd Lind, Walter Stallwitz and Wolfgang Reindel. I moved to Berlin and had there my atelier at the Prenzlauerberg, so now i am living in cilento Italy and I still working on my painting , all my paintings and drawing are for sell, thank you that you enjoy my art !

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